You should go to this getting started guide for instructions on installing HappyBrackets.

Core files

HappyBrackets Developer Kit (Contains the HappyBrackets IntelliJ plugin, an IntelliJ project full of examples, and a mirror of the runtime system).

HappyBrackets Disk Image for the Raspberry Pi (2Gb image, compressed to approx 500Mb).

Other files A script to update your HappyBrackets Development kit to the latest version. Download into your HappyBrackets development kit folder. Make the script runnable by entering the command "chmod a+x". Then run the script, / This will download the latest Development kit while leaving any new files you have created intact. After the script downloads, you will need to update your plugin with the one indicated when the script downloads. See How to Update HappyBrackets video for instructions. Prebuilt JAR files for use in HappyBrackets. Note that you must have at least 2.1.5 installed in the HappyBrackets developer Kit and on your device. Use the update-package script above if you have not. Tutorial files for Kadenze cource

HappyBrackets Device Runtime (used by the installer scrpit).